Stories that you confided to us

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Stories that you confided to us

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Year of creation: 2021

Civilian Voices. One day

One Day is a project, which has been launched as part of the Museum of Civilian Voices to preserve the witness accounts of the day the war broke out. This is the project, which helps understand why it is important to remember our past for the sake of better future.

Do you remember the day the peace ended and the war started for you? We will address this question to thousands of Ukrainians to try to find the answer together. Join the One Day project to become a part of the initiative of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation: tell us when you realised that the war had started in Donbass.

How to join One Day project?

1. Write your recollection of the story itself: when and under which circumstances did you realize that the war had come to Donbass? Publish the text, photo or make a video. Whatever works best for you.

2. Add a project hashtag to your story: #OneDay2014 #RinatAkhmetovFoundation #VoicesofCivilians. This will allow us to collect stories in a special blog and then write a Big Story about this so different, tragic, personal and shared by many #OneDay2014 that turned to weeks, months and may be even years.

3. Invite your close family members, friends and readers to share their stories #OneDay2014.

4. Even if you use just several words or phrases to describe your memory, even if it is just a date or even if you feel the story is not that special, still, please share it. All stories are important for #OneDay2014 project, each of them being valuable and unique.

5. You can use our help as well: share your story on the phone and we will send you a text for publication.

6. For your readers to understand the project and its idea, use this link to watch a teaser video where they can find all the details.

7. These are the questions we asked ourselves when writing our stories:

  • ⁃ What exactly happened on #OneDay2014?
  • ⁃ What did this day mean for you and your family, your life, business, studies?
  • ⁃ When did it happen (date)?
  • ⁃ Which words would you use to describe this?
  • ⁃ What did you feel?