Stories that you confided to us

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Stories that you confided to us

Anxiety – Short test "Symptoms - Solution"

Anxiety – Short test "Symptoms - Solution"

Anxiety is a normal human emotion, the body’s response to unpredictability, potential danger, and changes in environment.

Anxiety is an evolutionary mechanism that enabled our ancestors to survive.

However, anxiety can be excessive and can interfere with our life making the brain “live” in a situation of danger constantly, and wearing out the body.

When is anxiety excessive?

Check if the five statements below relate to you:

- Confusion. I began to notice that my concentration and memory deteriorated.

- Thoughts about danger. I sometimes have a feeling that I have missed something, I am in a rush all the time.

- Worsening of sleep. I often cannot fall asleep or wake up at night, often think about something at night.

- Problems with the body. I have problems with my back, headache or eating problems: overeating, lack of appetite, muscle tightness.

- Lack of joy. I allow myself less and less new, even small purchases, visits to friends, delicious food, and entertainment.

If you answered “yes” to three of the above questions/statements, you have excessive anxiety and need to seek help, contact us for help by phone: 0800509001 * (* All calls are free. Psychological assistance is provided free of charge)